Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thanks giving

Things I'm grateful for today. 

1. I'm able to work.

2. I'm able to smile. 

3. I'm able to make new friend. And we found out both of us have same interest. Wheee..

4. I'm thankful and blessed to have the loves one beside me for whole day long. 

5. To have my parent's accompany for breakfast. 

6. To have my favourite food from my love one for dinner.

7. To able to study few pages. Few pages!!! Far better than past few days. At least I study! Jia you thou it's damnnnn hard till I wanna give up. *cries

8. To have someone to pick me from work after 5pm. 

That's what I can think of right now. It's time to sleep. Xoxo. #08102013

Tomorrow will be a better day. 

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